“… This is the most beautiful film (“Nylon Firtree”) and to understand it, the audience has to be clever, intelligent, with ability of fantasy. This language of cinema, like syncope, as if it were jazz, most of all it reminds us of jazz language. Here the microworld turns into macroworld . . . “
Pazollini Neorealistic and Vanguard Films 27 International Film Festival, c. Avelino, Italy
“Love at first sight” – this is a genial film, which is beyond of discussions . . .”
Sergo Parajanov (film director)

“… This is such unusual and new film(“The roof or material for unfinished film”).
It has to see all the citizens of world…”
Pier Skarlet (Director of New York and San Francisco International Festivals)
“I have seen Rezo Esadze’s “Nylon Firtree”- it is a real masterpiece”.
Federico Fellini
“Love at first site” this is my most of the favorit films“.
Andrey Tarkovski